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Cushioned Plantar Fasciitis & Arch Support



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Finally - the perfect support brace for Plantar Fasciitis, fallen arches, flat feet, and over/under pronation. Our Cushioned Plantar Fasciitis & Arch Support is here to help reduce pain in your arches, heel, feet, toes, and also other affected areas like knees, hips and the lower back. 

Plantar Fasciitis: The most common cause of heel pain - the plantar fascia is a band of tissue that runs along your foot. The plantar fascia is like a rubber band. It forms the arch of your foot and connects your heel to your toes. If the band is short, you have a high arch. If the band is long, you have a low, or flat, arch. Plantar Fasciitis is caused by straining the ligament that supports the arch. Repeated strain can cause tears in the ligament. This leads to heel pain & swelling. It's common with people who walk, stand, or run for long periods, or if you are overweight.

The sleeves come with OrthoMaxPlus - our patented built-in padding (in green) on the underside of the support sleeve, which helps raise fallen arches, and also helps to eliminate pain caused by foot, heel, and arch issues. The support padding also helps to relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Your feet need support - give yours a break with this cushioned sleeve. They provide compression support and shock absorbing tech to relieve your over-worked, stressed, and strained feet, which in turn, takes the pressure off your body

Due to strong demand, our stock is very limited. Make sure to get yours before we run out.

Instructions for use: The support brace is designed to be worn with the green cushion (OrthoMaxPlus™)  facing the bottom of your feet. Position the OrthoMaxPlus™ mid-foot around your arch. We know that everyone has certain areas of our feet that need more support than others. Thus, the sleeves can be moved around depending on what feels most comfortable. Wear them with socks or with direct contact with your skin. Also, you can wear them with shoes, boots, & slippers!  

Product Features:

  • All Day Comfort – Perfect for everyday use and you don't even have to wear shoes!
  • One Size Fits All – No measurements required, the support sleeve will fit any foot length or width.
  • Material – Fabric. Comes with ONE Pair (left and right).
  • Cleaning – Wash them with your clothes or hand wash them with soap and water. 
  • When to Wear – The brace can be worn during physical activity or during your normal routine. 
  • High-Quality – Lightweight & breathable comfort fit with elastic stretch that won't roll, slide or slip. No skin irritation/ itchiness.

Our Guarantee: This is the BEST FOOT brace on the market. We offer a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. There is ZERO risk of buying from us and if you have any issues, we will be there to help provide a solution. If you are still not happy, send it back within 30 days from its delivery date for a full refund.

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